WHO IS HE: Telemikus, a genius level good samaritan that refuses to stop helping those in need, even if that means his life. An experiment gone wrong in the eyes of the scientists, Telemekus how had the power to match the brains and no one is going to stop him now.

ORIGIN: Telemikus was a nobody, just a man blessed with a big brain and an even bigger heart. He did all he could to protect those in need, and up until recently thought the best way to do that was by being the police chief. 

Naturally, hearing the stories of kids disappearing, and dying with no signs of trauma or clues for a suspect, was upsetting to him; which meant he needed to step in. As he investigated the crime scenes he began to compile clues, pointing him in the direction of The Company. Why were these areas closed off for “contamination hazard”, yet most on site were not in safety gear? Why did these cleaners seem so agitated? These questions needed to be answered. The more he asked questions and challenged the answers, the more he caught the notice of The Company. Telemikus began to make too much noise, noise that brought unwanted attention to The Company. 

The Superior had to act. She had to find out who this Telemikus was, and how to distract him. As she researched him she found out how much of a threat he truly was, but she also saw his potential…
Seeing he was always wanting to help others, she knew he was not going away and would probably find out the actual truth of what they were doing. So her distraction began…
By convincing the world that it was a sickness causing these deaths, The Company began working on a “cure”. The Superior herself approached Telemikus to be the first to take part in the experiment, knowing his need to help. 

Telemikus, seeing this as a way to get inside and closer to The Company, agreed to be a part of the experiments to create a cure. Using each visit to gather more intel, he began to see how corrupt this all was.

Realizing her plan wasn’t quite going as planned, The Superior decided to put an end to it all, at ask least she tried…
During one of the required appointments Telemikus was put under and taken captive. As he began to awaken, confused, realizing he was strapped down and no longer in the room he entered, he knew he had to think quick. Pretending to still be out, he began to overhear men speaking in the next room. This was it, this was the information he needed…billions of dollars paid to the cities politicians and officials to look the other way, thousands of people killed in order to create a controlled super army…he was sick. He was furious. No longer could he pretend. As he attacked one of the men, knocking him to the ground, the doctor grabbed the “cure” and injected Telemikus in the neck. Everything went black.

The Superior looks down on Telemikus as he sleeps, she thinks they’ve done it. The Company has created an invulnerable being under their control. 

Two weeks later, he awakens. Nine feet tall with metal Arms and legs and still a whole lotta rage... as he come to, realizing what was done to him, adjusting to the new, the different feeling, he felt empowered. He’s finally on the outside what he was on the inside...larger than life. 

Taking in this power he took this opportunity to express just how wrong they were. He was not in their control, and he would make sure no one else would be. Destroying that building and every other one connected to it, he left no signs of existence. 

But it wasn’t enough, as he destroyed one, the others would expand and tighten security. He had to do better, be more efficient. So, he quickly adapted and began searching for others. There had to be others that survived these experiments with various kills or powers, others willing, wanting to help.

So began "the cleansing."