The Heiress


WHO IS SHE: Sister of K'nor, daughter of the House of E, Electrum was no stranger to threats of wars or the harsh conditions that overtook her home planet. Trained to be a warrior and now enhanced with the power of the hammers, she is ready to right the wrongs done over the generations and put an end to the conquer that is her brother. 

ORIGIN OF ROIN: Roin was a peaceful planet, for centuries under the rule of The house of E the people were safe and prospering. That peace came to an end with the discovery of NEEN, a rare metal that was extremely valuable throughout the galaxy. Roin was covered in this metal and became the most wanted territory. 

In order to protect his people and the planet itself, The House of E began to recruit the most noble and fierce fighters of the planet. Preparing for defense, they were trained hard and tirelessly. As generations passed, The House of E made sure every occupant was well trained, not just to takeover ruling if there should be war but to fight and defend what belongs to them and only them…Roin.

ORIGIN OF ELECTRUM: Being the younger sister of K'nor, Electrum always looked up to him. He was her protector and best friend. They trained along side one another, she followed him as he trained others, she just knew he would be the best ruler to take over when dad stepped aside. How couldn’t he be? That was her older brother.

As trained advanced, she began to surpass her brother, becoming faster, more agile and developed a sharper tactical mind. This was unacceptable to K'nor, realizing it made him upset, Electrum would try to hold back, not allowing others to see what she was capable of. 

Although not allowed to participate in the meetings and negotiations, Electrum made sure to learn what was going on in her beloved Roin. She cared for her people and did all she could to care for them. Taking days off to feed the villages and care for the sick. She was quick to use her standing to help those she could and the people loved her in return. 

One afternoon while exploring with K'nor, K'nor came across a glowing stone with handles protruding. Walking up passed him, as he grabbed a handle, Electrum examined the stone as it formed a sledge around K'nors hand. ‘WHAT THAT?!’ 

“K'NOR LOOK!” She screamed as a glowing branding in the shape of the design on the sledge began to appear on knors chest. 

“RUN” he yelled as the branding appeared.

'YES BROTHER’ she thought as she took off. 

Running in fear, Electrum couldn’t think straight. ‘What happened to K'nor?? I need to get help…’
Finally finding her mother, Electrum rambled every detail she could remember, trying to get her mother to follow her back to K'nor. Grabbing her by the shoulders, Electrum sees no panic in her moms face, instead she calmly tells her “The time has come, let’s go”. As they return to where Electrum last saw K'nor, their mother tells her of a centuries old story that a weapon like she described was deep within the world somewhere, and when the chosen beings appeared, those weapons would make them the Eternal protectors of the House of E and Roin. Stopping and turning to Electrum she tells her she needs to return to that stone and retrieve the other weapons. Immediately Electrum listened and ran to the stone, grabbing both handles still remaining. 

The stone began to form into two hammers and bonded to Electrum just as it had K'nor. She felt the power as it flowed throughout her…the hammers enhancing her nobility, Strength and senses. 

As her mother caught up to Electrum, their father also met at the stone slab remaining. Telling them of the attack on The House of E, their father further explains to Electrum what these weapons mean and how she can wield that power. 

“Now, protect Roin” her father firmly stated as he looked at Electrum.

She knew what needed to be done, she needed to stop K'nor…her brother.

They fought hard, Electrum making sure to stay clear of civilians, as K'nor tried to rip through the villages, not hesitating to kill anyone in his way to kill her.
Finally K'nor could no longer keep up, fleeing the planet with only a handful of warriors. 

After several months of training and learning what she could do with the hammers, Electrum decided it was time to leave Roin in pursuit of K'nor, as he was a constant threat to other plants in his desire to conquer them all. 

While searching for K'nor, Electrum helps planets in need of protection and does her part in bringing peace to the galaxy. 

While answering a call for help, Electrum meets her now best friend. Ophia looking to answer the same distress call, intersects Electrum and mistakenly runs into her. After meeting and joining forces in order to help this planet they became close friends. 

Ophia was the sister that electrum always wanted and the same with  Ophia. Together they were a force to be reckoned with.  

- Can create protective shields
- They obey her commands
- shoot short bursts of a black energy from them