Meet the minds


COMICBOOKS and animation has been such a serious part of my life since I was a child. Saturday morning cartoons and all.  I even had a couple of subscriptions to Marvel for the x-men and avengers comics.  The love has never really changed for me. Even after having kids I would take them into the comicbook stores with me and we would chill there for sometimes hours.  I wanted to make sure that my girls were "well rounded" in the Marvel universe and some of the DC universe.  Doing this business with my daughter Erica is truly a dream come true.  We talked about being able to sell our work, but never had the medium to do that.  But now with being able to build collections of NFT's and offer them is beyond believable and another dream.  We hope you enjoy or work, expand your collection as we grow ours.


Art has always been a huge part of my identity, to me being an artist, meant I could express myself in a way no one else could. But it also meant I had a unique connection with my dad that no one else shared, and I treasure that. Growing up, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, reading comics and drawing with my dad…it didn’t get better than that. He taught me to find the lines and mimic what I saw on the screen or pages, he taught me to let the pencil flow as I imagined what I wanted to see, he taught me to express myself…

While our art focuses mostly on comics and superheroes, you’ll notice a few exclusive one offs of my imagination showing just how expansive creativity can go.